Day 96

Once again . . . packing.

packingI had a great time in Tillamook this summer getting into all sorts of shenanigans with my pals.  From hot stalkers and crazy customers to camping adventures and bonfires on the beach, I made a lot of great memories and got to hang out with a lot of friends who I never see during the school year.

Of course, I waited until the day before I have to move to start packing.  I’m very organized and responsible like that.  Packing packing packing.

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Day 95

hipsterI had a great time shopping in Portland with mah momma!  Somehow, we were completely worn out after only a few stops.  We are very sad :- P

Here is my lovely mother modeling a sweatervest as a hipster.  Note the look of disgust and boredom.  She’s got the whole hipster thing down.

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Day 94

la-tea-daIt was quite a lovely Saturday – got up early to go to the Farmer’s Market once again, got some delicious fresh fruit and such, then headed over to La Tea Da for high tea with mah momma!  It was ridiculously good – three tiers of tiny sandwiches, delectable scones, and delicious desserts.  Plus of course, steaming hot vanilla hazelnut tea.  It was great to get some quality time in with my mom before I have to head back to Eugene.  We had quite a nice time hanging out in our tea time hats and adoring all the tiny dishes and silverware.  Yum!!

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Day 93

Pictionary is so completely awesome.  The random doodles, the screaming of completely nonsensical guesses, the fantasticness of your team guessing a word from some horrible frenzied scribbles; it’s all great.  Leah, David, and I had a chicken stapler as our game piece and I gotta say – that chicken owned.

pictionarywinOf course, the most frustrating part of Pictionary is when you get totally impossible word.  For example, when I got Chelsea Clinton or when Erick got Vietnam Memorial.  How do the inventors of this game expect someone to get that?

Also, Jordan is the best guesser ever. My brain can’t even work as fast as he spouts out guesses.  I tried to capture one on video, but you can’t hear it super well.  Still, it’s delightful :- )

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Day 92

tillamook->seattleI got up early to say goodbye to Corey and Isha as they started their trek to Seattle.  Day 1 was from Tillamook to Astoria, so hopefully they made it and didn’t collapse on the side of the highway (as I surely would have!).

[Note the super awesome reflective triforce that Isha made on the back of her bike.  No car will dare mess with her!]

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Day 91

snappybraceletsMy brother, Corey, and his girlfriend, Isha, have decided to bicycle all the way to Seattle from our house in Tillamook, so they showed up quite prepared with all sorts of REI goodies and biking gear.  Among this was some safety gear in the form of reflective snappy bracelets! Any girl will surely remember those straight plastic bracelets that would snap into a circle around your wrist when you hit it with one, as they were wildly popular back in the 4th grade.

Of course, when we found these reflective snappy bracelets, we couldn’t help but to start an epic battle with them and try to get them on in creative ways.  They best was trying to throw them at someone’s wrist with enough force to get them to snap around them like an attack bracelet! In the picture, Jordan, Odger, and Corey are trying to all get them snapped on Leah at once.

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Day 90

injuryMy ‘truck surfing’ bruise is at maximum bruisiness and kept getting bumped while I was trying to scoop ice cream at work today.  That, plus the burn mark on my other forearm from a steam wand, is making me glad that tomorrow is my last day at work! No more espresso-related injuries!  Now I’ll just have the ones I get from all my other clumsy incidents.

Also, this picture makes it look like I’m wearing a shirt that says ‘ego’ in giant letters, but it really says ‘Oregon.’  Go Ducks!

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